COVID-19 Safety Measures @ the Willow & Blush Salon

In the salon, we will be going to great lengths to make sure we reach the government requirements.


Every single person will be wearing PPE and all clients will be supplied with gloves, disposable gowns and surgical masks.  There will be a work station in between each client and at every station there will be anti bacterial gel and wipes for you to use. Rest assured, the salon will be cleaned and sterilised at all times including the stylist equipment in between each client.

Refreshments will continue as normal, but will be given to you in takeaway cups. Unfortunately we won’t be offering magazines at this time however, please feel free to use our free WiFi to entertain yourself whilst with us. 
At the end of your service we will guide you to our front desk where your payment will be made. We will provide you with a pedal bin so you can throw away any PPE you have used and we will provide you with anti bacterial gel to clean your hands.


Please note due to the high cost of PPE supplied to keep everyone safe whilst visiting us, there will be an additional cost of £2.50 added onto your service.  Sorry for any inconvenience with this.

If your feeling unwell please, please let us know so we can reschedule your appointment. Any further queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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